Privacy Policy expand the policy to mange the information which is collected from you. we make time to time changes in privacy policy or update it, You must keep touch with the new one.

1. Policy Applies

This privacy policy applies on all information collected from you. It is also contain the information about ,
(a) Which type of personal information collect from you. (b) How it is store. (c) How it is use and (d) How it is protected.

This privacy policy applies on your use of Applications, emails, newsletters and other ways to connect with us. .This privacy policy assist to you either use or nor .This privacy policy is concrete to our Terms of use. .Before using our website must read and understand our both Terms of use and Privacy policy when you are agree with all you can sign with us because after that you are bond with that.

2. Connecting Us

When you sign up for any activity or use of service you provide personal information, email or contact details for purchase which means we have a business relationship. whenever we contact with you by using your email address or phone number it should be legally valid and you are capable to receive the message.

3. Registration + Information

When you are going to use our website you must fulfill the registration form, in which we ask (1) personal information ,(2) demographic data,(3) address,(4) email, (5) phone number or (6) other information ("which device you are using, the internet service provider e.g") When you registered with us we can get the information details about (7) your purchase made with us(billing ,way of payments, addresses),(8) check your feedback, (9) collect data from any third parties for accuracy, (10) access to your device location by the location trackers,(11) information about your employers.

4. Social Networking

You can interlink with us using your social networking accounts by commenting. When you sign up with your any social account the site demand the email and password which may easily access to your profile information according to your privacy permission to that particularly site. The details we collect from there are secure as not share with third parties without business purpose. We may reached on your personal information as the JanRain forward us which you provide on those accounts.

5. Users Initiate Indulge

When you use Interactive services you should be careful. If you post any personal data, photos or comments another registered person or visitor may use your information another way we can't control them. We don't have any obligation on use of Interactive Services we have only the right on it. For more details check our Terms Of Use. According to your device privacy setting we can locate your exact Geolocation for accuracy of deals. Geolocation software on your devices provide help to access your location. We don't share your location.

6. Surveys

We engage with you by collecting the views about the services of The information only use for survey purpose & for improvement in services.

7. Technology + Cookies

When you visit our website automatically collect your personal information, device identifier and IP address of your computer or other devices use by you we also collect information about purchases, accept offers and geolocation to serve your coupons on your location. There are many tools and equipment to track your information provided on the other sites for the accuracy purpose. Cookies are the records file on user hard device. It contains your personal data in it and we can access by your privacy permission. You can mange your cookies setting from browser its all up to you warn always when cookies sent or turn off it.

8.Third Party Information

There are many ways to collect third parties information. The information provided by you is use to maintain the accuracy of work and also help to take the step for the improvement of services. (a) We may collect information from third parties or automatically access to the data, (b) There are many tools and tracking technologies to collect information about using of the, (c) May you share something with someone for communication about your email address also use for that and we can also collect the information about that person as there device setting permission.

9. Uses & Purpose Of Collecting User Information

The information collected is
(1) Use to inform you about the new services.
(2) New products or other features.
(3) Provide information regarding your transactions.
(4) For communication purpose.
(5) Advertising your interests.
(6) Take your reviews about use of & make changes for betterment.
(7) We may send emails regarding your order made with us, or for any dispute with your coupons or order.
(8) Share your information with third parties for limited business purpose.
(9) Send promotional emails for special offers and services on behalf of third parties, we don't share your email address accept limited business purpose.
(10) Managing our IT systems.
(11) Marketing is our business.
(12) Conducting surveys for the advancing of
(13) Financial and administration management.

10. Data Management

Accurate data collection is the responsibility of us the data provided by you must be accurate and authentic we also make changes time to time if you ask for any update. We also try to minimize the information you provide in the records for the further using purpose. You also can make changes in data you provided directly. The data provide by you is secure as we are not share your personal information with third parties except limited business purpose and also use the best organized method to save it. If our business is sale, transfer, merge, bankrupt then your personal information may be sale out as a asset because your personal data is our business asset.

11. To Access The Data

You can easily access your personal data if you are registered with us you just login and go to the Account Setting you also can change any information from here. If you want to deactivate your account you can do it or send a "Deactivate Account" email.We just retain your data for the analytical purpose for a limited time after that time data is remove and when you sign up or visit next time the information is renew and store for that particular time.

12.Privacy For Under Age 13

The services of are not intended to under age 13. The personal information are provided by under age 13 are not acceptable. If the get the knowledge about wrong personal information find you under age 13 we can remove you immediately.

13.Changes In Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy contain all users information either personal or dealing with us. Before sign up with us you should follow or read Privacy Policy carefully. If you are disagree with any one policy you should stop using it.We can update it time to time.

14. Contact Details

For more details please contact us by email or Contact us on Address below.